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(Nicht-)Standard-Inferenztechniken im Semantic Web

Sebastian Wandelt

This seminar discusses standard and non-standard inference techniques for Semantic Web ontologies. In particular, we will look into recent work on description logics.

Each student will have to prepare a talk (30 minutes) about a selected topic. In addition, each student has to prepare to be an opponent for another selected talk. An opponent is supposed to be able to raise critical questions about a given topic. Finally, each student has to hand in a seminar paper for his selected topic.


Basic knowledge in logics (propositional logic, first order logic) is recommended.


Please register at Goya. The number of participants is limited.

Possible topics

The list of topics is preliminary and so is the given literature. Both might be updated after the initial meeting!

  1. Consistency checking: Optimizing Description Logic Reasoning with Nominals: First Results
  2. Instance retrieval: On the Scalability of Description Logic Instance Retrieval, The Summary Abox: Cutting Ontologies Down to Size
  3. Conjunctive query answering: Conjunctive Query Answering for the Description Logic SHIQ
  4. Approximation
  5. Explanation: Reasoning and explanation in EL and in expressive description logics
  6. Updates

Initial meeting

We meet on 04/25/2012, 1:15 PM (sharp!), in room RUD25-4.113 for an initial discussion. The actual seminar will take place at the end of the term (up to students votes).