Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Wissensmanagement in der Bioinformatik


Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics is a research area covering all methods for the management and analysis of complex biological data sets. Our professorship at Humboldt Universität was established in October 2002.

Research Topics
  • (Biomedical) Data Integration
    Software & systems: Columba, PiPa, Aladin, VisQi, PhenomicsDB, DARQ
    Projects: SOAMED, EUMED, T-SYS, Persons,PREDICT
  • (Biomedical) Text Mining and Information Retrieval / Extraction
    Software & systems: CellFinder Resources, ChemSpot, GeneView, AliBaba, BC-VisCon
    Projects: CellFinder, VirtualLiver, METRIK, OncoPath, BioPatent Mining
  • Analysis of Biological Networks
    Software & systems: GRIPP
    Projects: ColoNet, ProSiTu, OncoPath, T-Sys
  • Statistical Analysis of High-Throughput Biomedical Datasets, like Gene Chips, Next Generation Sequencing, CHiP etc.
    Software & systems: LymphomExplorer
    Projects: TRR-54, ColoNet, ProSiTu, T-Sys, BSIO, MAP-TOR-NET
  • Big Data: Scalability and Expressiveness of Scientific Workflows
    Software & systems:
    Projects: SOAMED, Stratosphere, BioBankCloud, SAASFEE
Currently funded projects