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Wissensmanagement in der Bioinformatik

Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser



  • 20.11.2023: Was wir forschen: Large Language Models in der Präzisionsmedizin
  • 20.09.2023: Unser Lehrangebot im Wintersemester 2023 / 2024 ist online.
  • 18.07.2023: Dr. Münchmeyer won the Helmholtz-Dissertationspreis for his dissertation on Machine Learning for Earthquake Research. Congratulations!
  • 08.04.2023: If you are working on time series segmentation - participate in the upcoming HAS Challenge on Human Activity Recognition at AALTD/ECML/PKDD '23.
  • 14.2.2023: We are delighted that Dr. Jannes Münchmeyer, former PhD student in the group in cooperation with Prof. Frederik Tilmann, GFZ Potsdam, has won the Adlershofer Dissertationspreis 2022 for his PhD thesis on "Machine learning for fast and accurate assessment of earthquake source parameters". Congratulations to Jannes!
  • 12.1.2023: The Elephant in the Data Center: Ulf Leser and Lauritz Thamsen blog on energy consumption of workflow executions at the Workflow Community Initiative.
  • 29.05.2020: The German Research Council has approved funding of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1404 "FONDA - Foundations of Workflows for Large-Scale Scientific Data Analysis" (see press release).


Für Studierende

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  • Offene, laufende und abgeschlossene (2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, früher) Studien- und Diplomarbeiten
    • Helmholtz Dissertationspreis 2023, Dr. J. Münchmeyer
    • Adlershofer Dissertationspreis 2022, Dr. J. Münchmeyer
    • Best Master thesis Humboldt-Universität 2022, L. Clauß
    • Best dissertation Humboldt-Universität 2022, Dr. M. Zehlike
    • Best Master thesis Computer Science 2022, L. Clauß
    • Best Master thesis Computer Science 2018, L. Weber
    • Best Master thesis Computer Science 2016, M. Sänger
    • Best Diploma thesis Computer Science 2013, T. Rocktäschel
  • Lehrbuch Informationsintegration (inklusive Folien und Errate).
  • Auswertung der Studentenbefragung vom Dezember 2004


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  • All publications; latest:
    • Benary et al. Leveraging Large Language Models for Decision Support in Personalized Oncology, JAMA Network Open
    • Garda et al.: BELB: a Biomedical Entity Linking Benchmark, Bioinformatics
    • Ermshaus et al.: Human Activity Segmentation Challenge @ ECML/PKDD’23, AALTD
    • Weber-Genzel et al.: PEDL+: Protein-centered relation extraction from PubMed at your fingertip, Bioinformatics