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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Wissensmanagement in der Bioinformatik

Wissensmanagement in der Bioinformatik

Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser


Für Studenten



  • Running projects
  • Finished projects
  • Software and downloads
  • Finished dissertations in the group
  • All publications; latest:
    • Otto et al.: Robust in-silico identification of Cancer Cell Lines based on RNA and targeted DNA sequencing data, Nature Scientific Reports.
    • Chondrogiannis et al.: Finding k-Dissimilar Paths with Minimum Collective Length, SIGSPATIAL
    • Sprenger et al.: BB-Tree: A main-memory index structure for multidimensional range queries, ICDE
    • Starlinger et al.: Variant Information Systems for Precision Oncology, BMC Medical Decision Making
    • Witt et al. LOS: Level Order Sampling for Task Graph Scheduling on Heterogeneous Resources, WORKS