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DeutschDiachronDigital - Ein diachrones Korpus des Deutschen

DeutschDiachronDigital - Ein diachrones Korpus des Deutschen

Anke Lüdeling, Thorwald Poschenrieder und Lukas Faulstich.


Abstract [engl.]: This paper describes plans for a diachronic corpus of German which contains texts from Old High German to Modern German. In order to serve as a resource for research questions from many different fields (linguistics, literature, lexicography etc.) the corpus must have a flexible architecture as well as a high degree of standardization of content. This flexibility is possible through a multi-layer standoff corpus model where the texts are stored in a central database. Standardisation is ensured through common tagsets on each annotation level.

To appear in
Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 2004.

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