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Compute Server

The available servers have different profiles with regard to their hardware. The installed software packages are identical across all servers. The only exceptions are required drivers In case you are missing a certain software package, please contact IT Service Group by e-mail: IT Service Group.

Some Compute-Servers are equipped with GPUs (currently gruenau[1-2,7-10]). Please follow the link for more information  "GPU-Server".

For all computations that are not interactive, using SLURM is strongly recommended.

Please respect our Terms of use for compute servers.

Overview hardware:
Name Model Number CPU CPUs/Cores/Threads Speed RAM

Pool¹: music,hardware,enterprise

OptiPlex3060 42 i5-8400T 1 / 6 / 6 1,7GHz 16GB
Pool¹: berlin, brandenburg OptiPlex7040 33 i7-6700 1 / 4 / 8 3,4GHz 32GB
gruenau Dell PE 2950 1 Xeon X5365 2 / 8 / 8 3,0GHz 16GB
gruenau[1-2] Dell R740xd 2 Xeon 6254 2 / 36 / 72 3,1GHz 756GB
gruenau[3-6] Dell R920 4  E7-4880 4 / 60 / 120 2,5GHz 1TB
gruenau[7-8] Asus ESC4000 2 Xeon 6354 2 / 36 / 72 3,6GHz 1TB
gruenau9 Dell R740 1 Xeon 6134 2 / 16 / 32 3,2GHz 756GB
gruenau10 Dell R740xd 1 Xeon 6254 2 / 36 / 72 3,1GHz


The current usage of the servers may be viewed on our Overview page. Information about the power consumption may be viewed here.

The Compute-Servers may be accessed through SSH and RDP.  Further information (including ssh-fingerprints) can be found in our section about our publicly accessible computers.

It is recommended to use a VPN-Connection, since some of the servers are only accessible from the HU-network.

¹The Pool Computers are shutdown on weekends and during the semester break. Please contact the IT Service Group (RBG), if you need access to these resources.