Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IT Service Group (RBG)

Hard- & Software Service

General Information

Equipment (hardware & software) that is required but not available can be obtained from the chair or the institute. However, this process is partially different for hardware and software. In any case, the budget commission must vote on the purchase or approve the procurement. In the event of a positive decision, in addition to procurement by the HU, there is also the option of self-procurement (reimbursement request). You can find more information on the Budget Commission website [Link], including the contact persons for the individual chairs.


Procurement of hardware

The chairs are responsible for equipping the workplaces of employees. They have the opportunity to buy hardware such as laptops etc. with the resources available to them. Please note: In the case of short-term solutions in particular, the computer operating group tries to provide support with existing hardware (see Hardware rental). Please use the corresponding form for procurement inquiries (registration required). Please also note the information provided by the procurement office. Further process: First, the budget commission votes on the purchase. If the decision is positive, the hardware will either be procured by the procurement office or you can procure the hardware yourself and have the costs reimbursed.

Hardware repair

Employees of the institute can have defective devices repaired by the institute or the repair costs are covered. Requirement: Costs must be in proportion to the value of the device The device must have been procured by the HU Please use the corresponding form for repair inquiries (registration required). If you procure it yourself, please then use the templates for the reimbursement application (HU).

Hardware rental

The computer operating group offers some devices for hire. This includes projectors, PCs and a smartboard [link to the list]. Please use the corresponding form for rental inquiries (registration required).


Offered software

The HU has licenses for a wide variety of software products. You can find an overview of the software offered on the CMS website. This software can be obtained from the computer operating group (DP officer). Write an email with the desired software to In addition to the central offer of the HU, IT offers other software products:

Procurement of software

If software is not available, it can be obtained from the computer operating group. The following information about the software is required for this:

  • name and manufacturer
  • price and, if applicable, an offer (e.g. screenshot of the website of a web shop)
  • desired medium,
  • language, operating system (possibly architecture, e.g. 64Bit)
  • use of the software: in the context of teaching or research
  • if applicable: holder of the chair for which the software is to be procured
  • self-procurement? Yes No

Please use the corresponding form for procurement inquiries (registration required).


Further process: First, it is checked whether the HU contains the product or the corresponding licenses. If not, the budget commission votes on the purchase and, if the decision is positive, the software is procured by the computer operating group / the CMS and sent to you.