Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IT Service Group (RBG)

Home directory for students and employees

3 TB are currently available for approximately 2000 users. The storage space consists of six logical 500 GB disks, each of which contains the home directories of roundabout 350 users. This results in a

disk space limit of 1,5 GB per user.

Disk space of 1,5 GB suffices for all assignments that our students will be asked to complete during their studies. Students are permitted to use the resources of the Department of Computer Science exclusively to complete the assignments and related tasks (please see also Benutzungsordnung). It is therefore self-evident, that only data related to the studies may be saved in the available disk space.

Each user is responsible for adhering to the designated limit! 

In case of exceeding the limit by 100% or more and an overall use of 90% or more of the total disk capacity, measures will be taken to free space immediately. Files obviously unrelated to the studies, like photos, sounds, windows-software will be prioritized in the cleanup and deleted without warning.

To monitor the currently used disk space: du -s -k .

If executed in the home directory, the sum total of the used up disk space (-s) will be returned in kilobyte (-k).

To navigate to the home directory: cd (without parameters)

Files saved in the home directory are included in the nightly backup to magnetic tape. Up to three generations of a file are kept. Files can only be restored by the IT Service Group. Files that are no longer relevant will be deleted from the archives after 30 days.

In case of temporary requirements to run more space consuming operations than the home directory can cater for, alternative special purpose storage spaces should be considered. Please keep in mind that these alternative locations provide no backup service.


The home directory may be accessed through Samba/CIFS and sshfs.