Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IT Service Group (RBG)

Public Access Computers

Employees and students have access to various compute servers in addition to the pool computers.

Please respect our terms of use!



Servername Access Operating System Type Comments
gruenau[1-10] SSH, RDP SuSE Leap 15 various Pls. refer to Compute-Server & GPU-Server
wind RDP Win Terminal Server 2008 PC-Server (employees only) 2 Intel Quad-Xeon X5365 3,00 GHz, 16 GB RAM
orkan RDP Win Terminal Server 2008 PC-Server 2 Intel Quad-Xeon X5540 2,53 GHz, 24 GB RAM
tornado RDP Win Terminal Server 2008 PC-Server 2 Intel Quad-Xeon X5540 2,53 GHz, 24 GB RAM

SSH - SSH-Access
RDP- Remote Desktop Access


The Windows terminal servers orkan and tornado are no longer available (September 2022).

Select servers accept connections through (browser based). A user account for the domain is mandatory to use webconnect.


Note: When connecting to above servers from a remote destination (outside the Department of Computer Science), server names need to be fully qualified (extended by their domain name ""). We recommend using a VPN-Connection, as some servers are only accessible through the HU-network.


SSH-Fingerprints for Computers and Servers at the Department of Computer Science

When initially connecting to a (not yet known) computer or server by SSH, a fingerprint will be displayed. It is the users responsibility to check that the displayed fingerprint matches the expected fingerprint of the computer or server the connection shall be established with. In the event that a (formerly) known host key changes, SSH will display a warning for the user to verify the IP-connection, upon connection attempt.

Following the current fingerprints for reference:


When encountering SSH-fingerprint mismatches, please contact the IT Service Group (RBG) by e-mail: or directly at JvN-Building, house III, floor 2.