Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard


Automata Theory

with applications to VLSI Diagnosis

Concurrent Systems, Petri Nets

with applications to control problems

Distributed AI, Multi-Agent Systems

  • Work on theoretical foundations concerning control and cooperation.
  • Formal descriptions of Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Applications to Socionics (interdisciplinary projects sociology + informatics):
  • Social impacts to design and implementation.
  • Hybrid systems of humans and machines: Role concepts.
  • Incremental strategies for system development.
  • Clinical Information Systems (cooperation with Charite, Berlin)
  • Knowledge Management (electronic patient records).
  • Time Management.

Case Based Reasoning

  • Theory and practice of systems which use experience for improvement of behavior.
  • Retrieval under similarity conditions.
  • Applications to Knowledge Management and Control of Autonomous Robots:
Several systems for Knowledge Management,  e.g. for Siemens. 

Agent Control, Intelligent Autonomous Robots

  • Theory and Practice of (symbolic) mental models for control of autonomous systems.
  • Real time conditions in dynamically changing environments.
  • Application to autonomous agents and service robots:
  • Design of high level control.
  • Case Based Reasoning methods in perception and control.
  • RoboCup (soccer playing robots) as testbed.