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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Process Management and Information Systems

Process Management and Information Systems

Welcome at the Chair of Process Management and Information Systems!


Our chair is generously funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. Since 1 April 2021 Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling is the new Chair of Process Management and Information Systems. Our research vision is to develop next-generation business process technology. Our research objective is to investigate how organizations can better design, analyze and execute their business processes by the help of novel algorithms and information systems – with a specific focus on process mining. Our research strategy builds on four topical pillars: business process management, algorithm engineering, visual representations, and controlled experiments.

https://www.wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/_processed_/5/2/csm_Book-cover-691x1024_2e17e4ab8c.png https://www.wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/_processed_/a/2/csm_WI-2019-12.Auf.-Cover_be6ebb3bb2.jpg https://www.wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/_processed_/b/6/csm_622_-1336470392_90da669769.jpg https://www.wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/_processed_/d/b/csm_Wirtschaftsinf__f40ffd45b4.jpg https://www.wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/_processed_/e/4/csm_metrics_9be70eb818.jpg