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Sunday, 20th July 2008:

The Aibo Team Humboldt wins the RoboCup
World Championship within the GermanTeam!
The Nao Team Humboldt got the 4th place.

Official website of RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou, China

The EU-Project ALEAR (Artificial Language Evolution on Autonmous Robots) explores how complex grammatical systems and behaviors can emerge in populations of robotic agents.
Picture: 'Do you see the yellow ball on the right side of the bucket?' The second robot should recognize, that from its own position the ball is lying behind the bucket.
Open.SC Logo
The project "Open European Nephrology Science Center (OpEN.SC)" organizes an European service centre for research information in the nephrology and transplantation medicine.
RoboCup Leagues
The RoboCup projects investigate fundamental problems of intelligent behavior in dynamic environments.