Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Burkhard


1950-62 School attendance in Erfurt

1962-65 Studies of mathematics at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

1965/66 Programmer at the Computer Center of Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Railways) Berlin

1966-68 Continuation of the studies of mathematics at Humboldt University Berlin

1986  Diploma thesis "Experiments at Nondeterministic Automata" (in German)

1968-70 Military service as "Bausoldat" (special units for unarmed soldiers in East Germany)

1970-72 "Aspirantur" (PhD-Studies) at Humboldt University

1972 Dissertation A  (PhD Thesis)
"Algorithms for Identification Experiments on Synchronous and Asynchronous Automata"
(in German)

1972-90 Assistant at Humboldt University,
Work on Automata Theory, Petri Nets, Diagnosis of VLSI Circuits, Compilers, Prolog Interpreters

1984 Facultas docendi

1985 Dissertation B (Habilitation)
"Investigation of Control problems of concurrent systems based on abstract control languages"
(in German)

1990 Dozent (lecturer) for "Foundations of AI" at Humboldt University

1991-98 President of the Council (Legislative Assembly) of Humboldt University

1991-96 Chair of Berlin Interest Group AI

Since 1992 Professorship for AI at Humboldt University

1997 World-Champion in Simulation League RoboCup with Team "AT Humboldt"

1998-2008 Member of the "Board of Trustees" of the RoboCup-Federation

2000 Co-Chair of the OC of ECAI 2000 in Berlin

Since 2002 Fellow of ECCAI (European Coordinating Committee for AI)

2004-2008 Vice President Europe of the RoboCup-Federation

2004,2005, 2008 World-Champion in Four-Legged Robots League RoboCup with “German Team”

2006 Co-Chair of RoboCup 2006 in Bremen

Since 2009 Seniorprofessor at Humboldt University

Favorite professor of the Humboldt Kinder Uni (Childrens University) in 2004