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author="Boll, Alexander
and Kehrer, Timo",
editor="Babur, {\"O}nder
and Denil, Joachim
and Vogel-Heuser, Birgit",
title="On the Replicability of Experimental Tool Evaluations in Model-Based Development",
booktitle="Systems Modelling and Management",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Research on novel tools for model-based development differs from a mere engineering task by providing some form of evidence that a tool is effective. This is typically achieved by experimental evaluations. Following principles of good scientific practice, both the tool and the models used in the experiments should be made available along with a paper. We investigate to which degree these basic prerequisites for the replicability of experimental results are met by recent research reporting on novel methods, techniques, or algorithms supporting model-based development using MATLAB/Simulink. Our results from a systematic literature review are rather unsatisfactory. In a nutshell, we found that only 31{\%} of the tools and 22{\%} of the models used as experimental subjects are accessible. Given that both artifacts are needed for a replication study, only 9{\%} of the tool evaluations presented in the examined papers can be classified to be replicable in principle. Given that tools are still being listed among the major obstacles of a more widespread adoption of model-based principles in practice, we see this as an alarming signal. While we are convinced that this can only be achieved as a community effort, this paper is meant to serve as starting point for discussion, based on the lessons learnt from our study.",