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  • Edit Script Merging (Cooperation with Ulm University)
    Synchronising branches of forks is done by merging or rebasing the commit history with pull-requests or cherry-picking. When adopting feature trace recording, we store the history of development not on commit level but on edit level (i.e., we record the edits developers make). Thus, we have access to the development history at a more fine-grained level in form of an edit script (i.e., a list of edits).

    Goal: Design an edit-based merge operator that merges edit scripts instead of states or coarse-grained commit histories. Compare your operator against existing merge tools such as git merge.

    - To what extend can we merge edit scripts automatically?
    - What is the state-of-the-art? Are there edit-based merge operators yet?
    - Does Edit Script Merging increase a merge‘s accuracy?

    Supervisors: Alexander Schultheiß, Paul Maximilian Bittner (Ulm University), Prof. Dr. Timo Kehrer
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