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MobileMomCare App

Covid-19 videos: MobileMomCare will take you through Covid-19 prevention measures such proper washing of hands, correct way of wearing a mask, and nutrition for boosting immunity. You also get to learn how to prevent/cope with COVID-19-induced/aggravated challenges such as domestic violence, and HIV/AIDS. All content is pre-loaded and ready to use after installation.


Call functionality: Do you have any inquiries about Covid-19 such as where to go if you spot symptoms, or access to maternal healthcare services during the pandemic? MobileMomCare connects you to a health practitioner with a single tap of an icon.


Appointment reminder: Set appointments easily using the audio guided functionality and get reminded a day before your appointment.


Login: Whether you know how to read and write or not, MobileMomCare has got you covered! All you need is a combination of pictures (pictorial password). Default password is cow, strawberry, duck, butterfly


Link for the apk: