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MatHealth App

Multimedia content: MatHealth provides you with monthly maternal health related videos and audios tailored to the maturity of your pregnancy, for instance, the danger signs to look out for, the food to eat, how to prepare for birth, how to take care of a newborn, etc. All you have to do is input your due date and MatHealth will pop up the relevant content every month. Everything is inbuilt, no need for internet!


Appointment reminder: Tired of forgetting and missing your antenatal and postnatal appointments? MatHealth will remind you by triggering an audio reminder a day before your appointment, all you have to do is input your appointment date in the appointment functionality.


Call functionality: Calling your health practitioner has never been easier. Forget about browsing the contact list, with a single tap on the call button, MatHealth directs your call to your health practitioner.


Login: Whether you know how to read and write or not, MatHealth has got you covered! All you need is a combination of pictures (pictorial password). Default pictorial password is cow, strawberry, duck, butterfly


Link for the apk: