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Please visit the link for current projects at HHI for additional projects conducted by the group.

Current Projects


Duration: 07.2020 - 06.2024

This project targets an abstract description of common components of 3D vision data analysis workflows (DAWs) for an efficient distribution on different computing hardware infrastructure as well as a simple adaptation to different experimental settings and sensors. The work includes the analysis, modularization and optimization of DAWs and vision algorithms with respect to computational and memory demands, scalability, data dependencies, and adaptability.

provitalZIM Project ProVital

Duration: 10.2020 - 09.2023

The project targets at the development of an automated monitoring system for zoo and wild animals that combines transponder-based positioning with camera-based monitoring of behavioral patterns, contactless detection of vital parameters and the analysis of acoustic data.

BMBF Project AuZuKa

Duration: 02.2016 - 12.2022

This project targets the automated inspection of sewer pipes. 3D image analysis and machine learning are used for creating 3D models of the canalization from robot imaging and to locate and classify defects.

Past Projects

BMVI Project Hochfein

Duration: 09.2018 - 08.2021

This project addresses the detection and tracking of cars, pedestrians, and cyclists from cameras mounted in street lamps. The traffic data will be used to predict critical situations and warn the traffic participants.

HistoDect (VW Foundation)

Duration: 05.2018 - 04.2020

This project targets improved surgery results by enhancing visual information in a digital microscope/endoscope. This includes exploring the optical tissue behavior for individual small spectral ranges and enhanced tissue differentiation during surgery.

BMBF Project Easy Cohmo

Duration: 01.2017 - 03.2020

The aim of the project EASY-COHMO is to explore and to demonstrate new technologies and concepts for human-machine interaction and human-machine cooperation. The creation of an intuitive contactless interaction establishes a save, ergonomic and practical work of humans in collaboration with machines.

BMBF Project 3DGIM2

Duration: 10.2017 - 09.2019

This project deals with the development of a hybrid representation of 3D face models for analysis and synthesis in human-computer-interaction, security or medical therapy. Based on the results of 3DGIM, the focus is on facial areas that are usually difficult to models as the eyes and the mouth.

Exist Project T.T.T

Duration: 06.2018 - 05.2019

In this project, tracking and augmented reality techniques are exploited to support training in table tennis. Projection of targets and statistics directly onto the board as well as new sensor based user interfaces enable a way of playing table tennis.

BMBF Project 3DGIM

Duration: 10.2015 - 09.2017

The 3Dsensation consortium aims at fundamentally redefining human-machine interaction. This includes the automatic 3D analysis of human faces and facial expressions which is useful in many tasks such as access-control, creation of new dialog systems for human-computer-interaction of even medical therapy.

DFG Project IBRFace

Duration: 08.2014 - 07.2015

This DFG funded project targets photo-realistic animation of faces using image-based rendering methods. It extends prior work on articulated pose space rendering to non-articulated objects like faces.

BMBF Project GestFus

Duration: 12.2014 - 11.2015

This BMBF funded project is part of 3D sensation alliance. The goal is to create methods for a consistent and perceptually comfortable fusion of 3D image data.


Duration: 08.2011 - 07.2014

This DFG funded project addresses the issue of realistic visualization of garments in real-time augmented reality environments, where virtual clothes are rendered into real video material.

Künstliche Intelligenz Engine S.A.M.

Duration: 12.2013 - 11.2014

In this EXIST project, a new games engine is developed that computes information about visibility and jump connections in a terrain for intelligent agent navigation.

Exist Project 3DHair

Duration: 08.2013 - 07.2014

In this EXIST project, new technologies for the 3D visualization of haircuts are developed.

Exist Project Ludofactur

Duration: 10.2011 - 09.2012

In this project, funded by Exist, new technologies for the web-based 3D reconstruction are developed targeting customization of board games.