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HistoDect (VW Foundation)

Automatic Multi-Spectral Tissue Analysis During Surgery


Period: 01. May 2018 – 30. April 2020


This project is funded by Volkswagen Foundation

Pathological structures, e.g. tumors, can develop between or in the direct proximity to important structures, for example nerves. During surgery, it is hard to differentiate the various tissue types. A visualization of important tissue structures would allow the surgeon to perform operations faster and with less risk of patient damage. Due to the soft tissue deformation, however, pre-operative screening and tissue localization cannot be used to achieve this goal.

This project aims at a new automatic tissue differentiation tool based on multi-spectral imaging in order to best support the surgeon. It relies on the observation that each tissue type shows different optical characteristics in terms of reflection, transmission and absorption for different wavelengths. The tissue specific behavior in the high dimensional multi-spectral space needs to be analyzed in order to safely separate different tissue types. Further, ways to visualize the detected multi-spectral tissue data in a microscope or endoscope have to be found.


E. Wisotzky, F. Uecker, P. Arens, S. Dommerich, A. Hilsmann, P. Eisert
Intraoperative Hyperspectral Determination of Human Tissue Properties, Journal of Biomedical Optics, accepted for publication, 2018.


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