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Bachelor's Thesis Proposal

  • Wann 18.10.2017 von 13:30 bis 14:30
  • Wo 12489 Berlin, Rudower Chaussee 25, Raum IV.410
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Sebastian Müller will give the proposal presentation for his bachelor's thesis on the topic "Search-Space Classification for Requirement Prioritization and Release Planning Problems".



Abstract: With software getting more and more complex, companies developing and maintaining such systems need to make a choice on which proposed patches and features to add in the next release of their product. This problem, maximizing the number of customer requests by as many highly weighted customers as possible, while still staying within the allotted time and budget, is known as the next release problem (NRP). Since the NRP is shown to be NP-hard, various heuristics have been employed to find (possibly suboptimal but) good-enough solutions to problem instances. So far the choice of which heuristics to use was mostly of a pragmatic nature, and to the best of our knowledge to this day no one has done a search space classification on any of the most commonly used heuristics.