Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IT Service Group

Access cards - User regulations

for the building of the Institute for Computer Science at the Humboldt University in Berlin

Section 1: Scope

These usage regulations apply to the use of the electronic locking system at the institute.

Section 2: Operation

  1. The operator of the locking system is the Institute for Computer Science. The computer operating group (RBG) of the institute is responsible for carrying out the measures associated with the operation.
  2. The RBG ensures the proper operation of the locking system. Their tasks include
    1. the management of the key cards,
    2. Elimination of malfunctions,
    3. regulating access to computer rooms and entrance doors,
    4. the implementation of technical measures to support compliance with legal provisions, in particular data protection.


Paragraph 3: Authorization to use

  1. The use of the electronic locking system by a user requires permission.
  2. Obtained a permit to use the locking system
    1. all employees at the Institute for Computer Science,
    2. Students who are authorized to use the institute in accordance with Section 3 of the Institute's Usage Regulations and who have successfully studied at the HU for at least one semester (passed an examination),
    3. Upon a specially justified request, additional natural persons in individual cases, if the use does not conflict with any essential interests of the institute.
  3. Permission to use is granted upon verbal application. The user has to identify himself with an identity card and student ID. Permission is granted for an unlimited period of time for members of the group of persons named in Paragraph 2 No. 1 and for a limited period of time for members of a group of persons named in Paragraph 2 Nos.
  4. The limited usage permit is valid for a maximum of one semester. It can be extended by members of the group of people named in Paragraph 2 No. 2 at the beginning of each semester. The exact date will be announced in good time. The unlimited usage permit expires if its prerequisites no longer apply. After the usage permit has expired, the RBG prevents the use of the electronic locking system. For a transitional period, it can permit use to end the activities associated with the previous use.
  5. The activation of a key card for a locking area requires the approval of the relevant key manager.
  6. Permission for use is granted by handing over a personal key card from the RBG. Their receipt must be confirmed. These regulations are recognized with the signature. For the key card, a nominal fee of 30, - DM, from 1.1.2002 15, - Euro is to be deposited. The token fee does not apply to the cards of the ATG locking system, which has been in operation since March 2011. The key card is the property of the institute.
  7. After the usage permit has expired, the key card must be returned to the RBG immediately. The deadline for the return is 4 weeks. The token fee will be given back if the undamaged key card is returned on time. If the key card is not returned on time or if the key card is defective, the nominal fee will be retained and used to obtain a new key card. The key card must be returned in any case.
  8. The RBG can at any time request a user to provide evidence of the requirements for the usage permit within a reasonable period of time. All data about the user must be deleted no later than two years after the user permit has expired.


Section 4: Rules of Use

  1. The usage regulations for the IT facilities of the institute apply.
  2. The user may only open doors to rooms and areas to which he is authorized with the key card given to him. The time window assigned to the user must also be observed.
  3. It is forbidden to pass personal key cards on to third parties or to open doors to rooms and areas for third parties to which they are not authorized.
  4. Doors that belong to the electronic locking system must always be kept closed and may not be kept open by force.
  5. The users must immediately report malfunctions, damage and errors in the institute's electronic locking system to the RBG.
  6. The loss of a key card must be reported to the RBG immediately. The holder of a key card is liable for all damage resulting from the loss or misuse of his key card.

Paragraph 5: Handling of user data

  1. The RBG is entitled to collect the movement data resulting from the use of the key cards
    1. to save to ensure the correct operation of the electronic locking system (diagnosis of errors),
    2. to check if there are concrete indications of serious violations of the rules of use,
    3. to use to create anonymized usage statistics.
  2. Viewing the users' movement data is fundamentally prohibited. The RBG can only inspect movement data if there are concrete indications of serious violations of the usage regulations and to ensure proper operation.
  3. Movement data will be deleted no later than 4 months after it has occurred.

Paragraph 6: Regulation of details

If individual regulations are of considerable importance for the user, they must be posted on the notice board. Particularly important are regulations that oblige the user to behave in a certain way or demand that they refrain from doing so.

Section 7: Sanctions

In the event of violations of these usage regulations and the supplementary provisions, the head of the RBG can temporarily exclude authorized users from using the electronic locking system by means of technical measures. In addition, disciplinary measures, claims for damages and criminal prosecution remain reserved. Objections to decisions by the head of the RBG must be addressed to the institute director.

Section 8: Liability

The institute is not liable for any damage resulting from data loss, power failure or technical errors.

Section 9: Entry into force

These usage regulations were approved by the Institute Council on November 17, 1998. It comes into force upon publication. At the same time, the provisional key card usage regulations expire.