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Employee accounts

Link to the application form (german only)


Every employee (with the exception of SHKs who already have an "informatik account") who would like to work on the computers of the Institute for IT requires an account or login. This account will be activated upon request. All employees at the Institute of Computer Science are eligible to apply. The requirement for the activation of an account at the institute is the possession of a user ID of the CMS. The corresponding form for applying for a CMS accounts can also be found on this page.

After receiving the CMS account, the "informatik account" for employees can be requested using this application form. The IT account will be activated within one working day after it has been checked.


In addition to the CMS account and "informatik account", employees should also note the following points:

VPN, SVN / Git and Mattermost can also be used with an external account.


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