Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IT Service Group (RBG)

Exchange of the access system for the pc-pools

Please note that on Friday, May 12th all card readers granting access to the public pc-pools were replaced by new devices. Access cards with the serial number prefix "HUZT" are no longer valid.

Application for a new access card:

Please use the new form for students: application form  (login required)

If you have any questions regarding the new access card, please write an e-mail to We kindly ask you to use your or your e-mail address when placing requests with support.


The following groups will be granted the necessary access rights to the pc-pools and the corresponding floor-door automatically. They will not need to apply for a new access card:

Employees who are already in possession of a new access card from the Department of Computer Science (the card serial number has prefix HUDE 000*)

Students who are already using their campuscard to access rooms belonging to the Department of Computer Science.