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Virtual Clothing

We have developed a first virtual mirror prototype for clothes that uses augmented reality techniques to change the color and a printed logo on a shirt while a user stands in front of the system wearing a prototype shirt with a (line)-pattern. Similar to looking into a mirror when trying on clothes, the same impression is created but for virtually textured garments. The mirror is replaced by a large display that shows the mirrored camera image, for example, the upper portion of a person's body. By estimating the elastic deformations of the cloth from a single camera in the 2D image plane and recovering the illumination of the textured surface of a shirt in real time, an arbitrary virtual texture is realistically augmented onto the moving clothes so that the person appears to be wearing the virtual clothes. The result is a combination of the real video and the new augmented model, which produces a realistic impression of the virtual clothes. The system was honored as Selected Landmark 2009 (Ort im Land der Ideen 2009) by the Germany-Land of Ideas initiative. In the same year the European Association for Self-Service singled out the Virtual Mirror as the most innovative product displayed at the international trade fair Kiosk Europe 2009.

Virtual Mirror system


The Virtual Mirror changes color and logo of a shirt



Virtual Clothing

Virtual Clothing Demo Video on YouTube



A. Hilsmann, P. Eisert,
Tracking and Retexturing Cloth for Real-Time Virtual Clothing Applications, Proc. Mirage 2009, Rocquencourt, France, pp. 94-105, May 2009. [PDF]


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