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since 2018

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WayIn aims to provide accessible, digital and interactive information for employers on the hiring of people with disabilities. With the help of a mobile website to be developed, accompanying training courses and public relations work, the aim is to sensitize employers, vocational school teachers and trainees to the potential of people with disabilities. In order to develop and disseminate the content of the information offered, companies, training and further education institutions as well as experts with disabilities and other multipliers are involved. The information offered will be integrated into the activities of all partners during the course of the project and will continue to be made available online after the end of the project. The focus is on the challenges of the world of work 4.0 and the resulting opportunities for employees with disabilities. The aim is to transform the deficit concept for people with disabilities in the workplace into a competence-oriented approach, and to promote the self-determined and equal participation of people with disabilities in working life and their inclusion in the first labor market. WayIn aims to bridge the gap between the confusing diversity of information and the low employment rate among people with disabilities.