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Aktuelles / News

Three papers accepted (SBAC-PAD and ASONAM)

  • 11.09.22: This was a very successful weekend for the MACSy group with three papers being accepted at the conferences SBAC-PAD (parallel/distributed computing) and ASONAM (network science):
    • At SBAC-PAD: "An MPI-Parallel Algorithm for Static and Dynamic Top-k Harmonic Centrality" by van der Grinten, Custers (TU Delft), Le Thanh and Meyerhenke
    • At ASONAM: "Faster Greedy Optimization of Resistance-based Graph Robustness" by Predari, Kooij (TU Delft) and Meyerhenke
    • At ASONAM: "Network Sparsification via Degree- and Subgraph-based Edge Sampling" by Su, Kurths (PIK Potsdam) and Meyerhenke

The papers will soon be available on arXiv and (somewhat later) in the respective conference proceedings.


Paper accepted for EuroPar Workshop HeteroPar 2022

  • 01.07.22: Our paper Mapping Tree-shaped Workflows on Memory-heterogeneous Architectures (authors: Kulagina, Meyerhenke, Benoit) has been accepted by the HeteroPar workshop.


Journal papers accepted

  • 24.03.22: Our journal paper A Batch-Dynamic Suitor Algorithm for Approximating Maximum Weighted Matching (authors: Angriman, Boron, Meyerhenke) has been accepted by ACM J. on Experimental Algorithmics (JEA).
  • 15.03.22: Our journal paper The climatic interdependence of extreme-rainfall events around the globe, written as part of a joint PhD supervision with PIK Potsdam (authors: Su, Meyerhenke, Kurths), has been accepted by the journal Chaos.
  • 14.03.22: Our journal paper Scalable Katz Ranking Computation in Large Static and Dynamic Graphs, an extension of the corresponding ESA'18 paper written with US colleagues, has been accepted by ACM J. on Experimental Algorithmics (JEA). Congratulations to all co-authors (van der Grinten, Bergamini, Green, Bader, Meyerhenke)! The paper is also available as preliminary version via ACM.


Paper accepted for IPDPS Workshop GrAPL 2022

  • 13.03.22: Our paper "Interactive Visualization of Protein RINs using NetworKit in the Cloud" has just been accepted for IPDPS workshop on Graphs, Architectures, Programming, and Learning (GrAPL 2022). The work was done together with Leon Franke from the group of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from University of Konstanz. All authors (E. Angriman, F. Brandt-Tumescheit, L. Franke, A. van der Grinten and H. Meyerhenke) look forward to meeting you (virtually) at the conference workshop.


Eugenio Angriman passed his PhD Defense

  • 14.12.21: Our team member Eugenio Angriman defended his PhD thesis on "Scalable Algorithms for the Analysis of Massive Networks" today. We can announce that he passed (very) successfully! From the whole MACSy group a well-earned "Congratulations!". We wish Eugenio Angriman all the best for his remaining time in our group and his further career.


Paper accepted for BigData 2021

  • 28.10.21: This news is Big(Data)! A new paper has been accepted for this year's BigData 2021 conference. The title is "Tarema: Adaptive Resource Allocation for Scalable Scientific Workflows in Heterogeneous Clusters" and was written by J. Bader, L. Thamsen, S. Kulagina, J. Will, H. Meyerhenke and O. Kao. We look forward to meet you (virtually) at the conference.


Henning Meyerhenke is appointed "Stellvertretender Direktor für Lehre und Studium"

  • 06.10.21: The start of the winter semester 2021/2022 not only marks the (partial) return for on-site teaching ("Präsenzlehre"), it is also accompanied by the appointment of Prof. Henning Meyerhenke as new "Stellvertretender Direktor für Lehre und Studium". Congratulations from the team!


Henning Meyerhenke invited speaker for ACDA21

  • 19.07.2021: In addition to our paper for this year's ACDA21, Prof. Henning Meyerhenke is also giving a keynote talk as invited speaker. Since the conference is taking place virtually, you can easily join from 19-21th of July. Head over to the official webpage for more information.



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