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Bachelor and Master Thesis


If you would like to write your bachelor's or master's thesis at our chair, please send us the following documents to

  • Lebenslauf/CV
  • Letter of motivation with choice of topic or subject area
  • Current performance overview of AGNES


You can find the rough process for theses written at the Chair of Software Engineering here:

Thesis Workflow


Currently, the Software Engineering group offers bachelor's and master's theses on the following topics:

Bachelor Thesis
  • Optimising Coupling and Cohesion Metrics for Modular Neural Networks(keine Ausschreibung, bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-ModularNN” to


Bachelor/Master Thesis*
  • Vulnerability Detection with Character Level Language Models for Python (keine Ausschreibung, bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-Vulnerability Detection ” to
  • Automatic Repair of Software Vulnerabilities (keine Ausschreibung, bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-Vulnerability Repair” to 
  • Voice-driven Test-Case Generation (keine Ausschreibung,  bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-Voice-driven-specification” to

*The problem can be adapted to the requirements of a Bachelor or Master Thesis.


Master Thesis
  • **NEU** Generating Semantically Correct Programs with seq2tree Transformer Networks (keine Ausschreibung, bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-seq2tree Program Generation” to
  • **NEU** Automatic Reverse Engineering Scientific Models from Scientific Software (keine Ausschreibung, bitte Email mit dem Titel: “[Thesis]-Scientific Models” to


Ongoing and completed topics


Bachelor Thesis
  • Survey on Runtime Verification (pdf)
  • AST Based Fault Localization (pdf)
  • Grey-box Fuzzing with well-formed Models
  • From Scripts to Computational Materials Science Data Analysis Workflows (pdf)
  • Fuzzing for Model Transformation Engines (pdf)
  • Evaluating Fuzzing for Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) Tools (pdf)
  • Parent Restarting for Workflow Systems (pdf)
  • Microservices, Understanding the Concept (pdf)
  • Adaptive parameters for Workflow Engines (pdf)
  • Software Enginering and Debugging of Libre Office
    • Grammar-Based Repair for Libre Office Documents (pdf)
    • Grammar-Based Generation of Debugging Hypotheses for Libre Office (pdf)


Bachelor/Master Thesis
  • Analyzing Parameter Tuning in Search-Based Test Case Generation Techniques (pdf)
  • Diagnosis and Localization of Memory Leaks (pdf)
  • STARDUST II - Systematic Architecture Level Fault Diagnosis Using Statistical Techniques (pdf)
  • Grammar-Based Fuzzing for LibreOffice (pdf)
  • Search-Space Classification for ..
    • .. Requirement Prioritization and Release Planning Problems (pdf)
    • .. Automatic Program Repair Problems (pdf)
    • .. Regression Test Suite Generation and Augmentation Problems (pdf)
    • .. Test Case Selection and Prioritization Problems (pdf)
  • Automated Validation of Patch Correctness and Maintainability with Symbolic Execution (pdf)
  • Automated Documentation of Source Code (pdf)
  • Metamorphic Testing in Computational Materials Science Data Analysis Workflows (pdf)
  • Voice-driven specification with Python Speech Recognition
  • Optimizing a Neural Network Approach for the Reverse Transformation of Spin-Wave-Theory (pdf)
  • Generator-based Fuzzing with Input Features (pdf)
  • Analyzing the Language of Data Analysis Workflows (pdf)


Master Thesis
  • Adaptive Genetic Algorithms in Search-Based Software Engineering (pdf)
  • An Evaluation of Metaheuristic Search Strategies for Automatic Software Repair (pdf)
  • Fault Localization and Debugging with Probabilistic Slicing (pdf)
  • Code Generation from Natural Language Documentation (pdf)
  • Empirical Study on Query Expansion
    Techniques for Semantic Code Search  (pdf)
  • Grammar-based Fuzzing for Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) Tools (pdf)
  • Behavioral Clustering-Guided Fuzz Testing (pdf)
  • Extending and Evaluating Alhazen using different Machine Learning approaches (pdf)
  • Grammar-based Fuzzing for Workflow Engines (pdf)