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Vortrag: Frau Prof. Dr.-Ing. St. Scherzinger

  • Wann 18.04.2016 von 15:15 bis 17:00
  • Wo Rudower Chaussee 25, Haus III, Raum 408,
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Frau Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Scherzinger (Fakultät für Informatik, OTH Regensburg) wird bei uns zu Gast sein und einen Vortrag halten mit dem Titel:

Pain Points in building NoSQL-backed Web Applications


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NoSQL data stores are becoming increasingly popular in agile web development: Naturally, a straightforward motivator is the sheer volume of data that is to be managed. Yet NoSQL backends can be also a good fit in settings where data volume is not the driving factor: Due to their flexibility in handling heterogeneous data, NoSQL data stores make it easy to deploy new releases without immediately having to migrate legacy data already persisted in production. Yet as most NoSQL data stores do not offer support for declaring and maintaining a global data model, curating the data model changes becomes the responsibility of the software engineers. In this talk, we focus on the implications of getting the data model right on the maintainability of legacy data, transaction processing, query evaluation, and also on application scalability.


Stefanie Scherzinger has been gathering hands-on experience building web applications against NoSQL backends as a software engineer with Google. Since she re-joined academia in 2012 as a professor at OTH Regensburg, she has been dedicating her research to the challenges that software engineers encounter when they are first getting started with NoSQL technology. Her work has a strong focus on the use of NoSQL object mappers in agile software development.