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Gastvortrag Dr. Mohammad Reza Beik Zadeh (Malaysia)

  • Wann 20.04.2016 von 09:00 bis 11:00
  • Wo RUD 25, Raum III.408
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Herr Dr. Mohammad Reza Beik Zadeh wird an unserem Institut einen Vortrag halten.

Der Titel seines Vortrages lautet:

"Intelligent Education Systems in the 21st Century"


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In today’s world,  ICT, as a powerful instructional technology tool sets,  is playing a major role in improving quality and aid the education system,  while no modern and holistic  education related theories have yet been developed  based on the advanced ICT. Thus, a novel and holistic approach is required to future education system in order to utilise maximum capabilities and capacities of current and future ICT to enrich, speed up and empower teaching learning processes and management to meet the market demands for realization of smart cities, industry 4.0 and smart government. In this talk, firstly a brief review on education trend in various dimensions will be presented, and then a novel view point for education in the 21st  century and their characteristics will be introduced in the second part.

In the third part of the talk a few major requirements for teaching learning process and education management in the 21st  century education system will be discussed based on a cognitive model  and a few advanced ICT tools, techniques and methods such as ; artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud,  IoT, semantic technology, social networks ,etc. The fourth part of this talk will be concluded with a few research ideas for discussion in order to explore potential collaboration in future.


Über den Vortragenden:

Dr. Mohammad Reza Beik Zadeh spent more than 30 years on research in various fields of Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and Telecommunication. He has a BEng. degree in Electronic Engineering from National (Shahid Beheshti) University in Iran, and holding MSc and PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from Essex University (UK).  He was working in Iran Telecommunication Research Centre (ITRC) for 15 years as a research projects manager and then as the ITRC research director for 5 years.  He was guest lecturer in National and Tehran Universities and ICT consultant to many organizations in Iran at the same time.

He moved to Malaysia in 2001 and since then research, teaching and development in the field of AI were his activities in Multimedia, Malaya and Nottingham Universities in Malaysia and MIMOS.  He has published more than 35 papers and filed 9 international patents and awarded Six Sigma Green Belt in the last 14 years. He also supervised more than 25 master and PhD students and was judge for MOSTI IRPA and eScience funds as well as international and national Robotic competitions.

He was working on a number of Semantic Technology oriented research projects in Artificial Intelligence Center under Knowledge Technology Cluster in MIMOS for 5 years.  His is now pursuing his personal interests in applied research using artificial intelligence techniques in various sectors such as industrial automation and control, education, and tourism.

He has been working on 4 Big Data Analytics government projects (DRSA) since early 2015 as data scientist consultant for data and concepts modelling for visualization and prediction.  Meanwhile he has proposed a number of Big Data use cases for various government and private sectors.

He is also conducting research on an intelligent platform which has a number of generic smart components for different vertical applications such as; automatic planner, automatic conceptual multi-criteria decision maker, etc. His passion is to build an “Artificial Mind”.