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Probevortrag zur Promotion: Sebastian Bittl

  • Wann 27.10.2016 von 17:00 bis 19:00
  • Wo Rudower Chaussee, Humboldt-Kabinett
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Herr Sebastian Bittl wird einen Vortrag zum Thema "Efficient Secure Communication in VANETs under the Presence of new Requirements Emerging from Advaneced Attacks" halten.



Vehicular ad-hoc networks are of high interest in both research and practice. They promise to enable realization of future safety critical advanced driver assistance systems, which help to increase safety of driving. Security and privacy of participants of such networks is a core point of concern, due to wireless data exchange (often called car-to-X communication), which enables attacks even with only low effort spent. Hence, a security system dedicated for car-to-X communication has been developed. However, this work shows that significant overhead is caused by the existing solution. Moreover, several weaknesses leading to advanced attacks compromising system security are found and evaluated. Based on these findings, a set of extra requirements for realization of security systems for vehicular ad-hoc networks is determined. Approaches for extending European and US systems being currently standardized are proposed and evaluated, which make such systems conform to the newly identified requirements. Additionally, crosslayer design weaknesses interfering with security functionality are identified and proposals to overcome them are provided.