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Bachelor Defense: Alexander Harrison

  • Wann 12.11.2021 von 14:00 bis 23:59
  • Wo online: Zoom
  • iCal

The bachelor defense of Alexander Harrison will take place on Friday,  12th November 2021, starting 14.00 o''clock. The title of Bachelor thesis is:

Disambiguation and Normalization of Genomic Variants

The defense will be held via Zoom. (Link "Informatik-Account" needed)


Organizing biomedical information is crucial in the field of personalized medicine and precision oncology. Researchers need quick and easy access to information that helps them to further enhance their knowledge on genetic variations and improve the treatment of patients.
Changes in our genome can be written in multiple different forms, yet these various formats can refer to the same variant. This ambiguity can lead to severe problems because different sources can use different notations or identifiers, therefore looking for data is extremely difficult. The problem can be solved by normalizing these notations to a unique identifier.