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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Institut für Informatik

Sebastian Henningsen

I am a researcher at the Weizenbaum-Institute, in an interdisciplinary group working on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains. Before starting my PhD I obtained a B. Sc. and M. Sc. in computer science from the University of Technology in Kaiserslautern where I was associated with the distributed computer systems (DISCO) group.

My PhD focusses on algorithmic central banking and security of Blockchain-Systems.

Find me on DBLP and LinkedIn.


  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
  • Security and Privacy
  • Mathematical modeling, in particular of communication networks
  • Model Checking and Verification


Together We are Strong: Securing Industrial Wireless Networks with Overhearing Nodes (Sebastian Henningsen, Lucas Mann, Stefan Dietzel, Björn Scheuermann), In LCN 2018

Strafbarkeit durch Speicherung der Bitcoin-Blockchain? (Sophie Beaucamp, Sebastian Henningsen, Martin Florian), In MMR 2018, 501

Integrating Fractional Brownian Motion Arrivals into the Statistical Network Calculus (, , ,

Misbehavior Detection in Industrial Wireless Networks: Challenges and Directions (Sebastian Henningsen, Stefan Dietzel, Björn Scheuermann), In MONET 23(5): 1330-1336, ()

Technical Report: The Stochastic Network Calculator (Michael Beck, Sebastian Henningsen),
arXiv:1707.07739 [cs.NI], 2017

Challenges of Misbehavior Detection in Industrial Wireless Networks [Invited Paper] (Sebastian Henningsen, Stefan Dietzel, Björn Scheuermann), In ADHOCNETS 2017

Demo abstract: An integrated tool of applying stochastic network calculus for network performance analysis (Michael A. Beck, Sebastian Henningsen,  Qian Xu, Jianping Wang, Kui Wu, Xian Liu), (Extended Abstract), In The 36rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2017), 2017

Maximizing Cache Hit Ratios by Variance Reduction (Daniel S. Berger, Sebastian Henningsen, Florin Ciucu, Jens B. Schmitt), (Extended Abstract), In SIGMETRICS Perform. Eval. Rev., ACM, volume 43, 2015

Towards a Statistical Network Calculus - Dealing with Uncertainty in Arrivals (Michael A. Beck, Sebastian A. Henningsen, Simon B. Birnbach, Jens Schmitt), In The 33rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2014

Invited Talks


  • Inefficiencies in Ethereum’s Peer Management, 2nd ForDigital Blockchain Workshop, Karlsruhe.


  • Blockchain Forks from Tech and Finance Perspectives (with Hermann Elendner), Blockchain Nights
  • (De-)Central Banks: The Challenges of Monetary Policies on the Blockchain, 3rd Berlin-Princeton-Singapore Workshop on Quantitive Finance

2015: Analysis of TTL Caches with Capacity Constraints, HU Berlin, Computer Engineering Group.


Currently I'm working on physical layer security based on link signatures in the ParSec project.
In my spare time, I develop and maintain the Stochastic Network Calculator together with Michael Beck.

Teaching Activities

  • Seminar "Security und Privacy in Dezentralen Systemen" (WS 17/18)
  • Semesterprojekt "Kommunizierende Systeme" (WS 17/18)
  • Seminar "Digitale Währungen 2.0" (SS 17)
  • Seminar "Die Vermessung der Netze" (WS 16/17)
  • Seminar "Digitale Währungen" (SS 16)
  • Semesterprojekt "Kommunizierende Systeme" (SS 16)